Detailed, high-quality restoration of AMC parts.


Repair and restoration of the following*:


$175 + S&H

Show Quality- Restoration for Motorola alternators using your restoreable core.

$100 + S&H

Basic Repair- These will look better than parts store 'reman', with correct parts and specific to your application.

Blower Motors

$70 + S&H

Squirrel cage restoration (cleaning and plating steel squirrel cage) $25 extra. Motor housing plated or painted/powder coated depending on original finish and current condition. Assumes your core is restoreable.


$100 + S&H

Starter frames will be powder coated, bolts re-plated or replaced as needed. Assumes your core is restoreable. Major parts extra. Example pictured below.

Wiper Motors

$180 + S&H

Assumes your motor frame and mounting plate are not rough and pitted, field windings and armature are not damaged or burned. Plated parts not blasted in order to retain original surface texture of the steel Example pictured below.

* major parts extra

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