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09/19/2009: "Alternator repairs"

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Attention AMC owners!
I'm offering repair and restoration services for Motorola alternators as used on AMC vehicles from the mid 60s through the mid-70s. I can do from basic "just get it fixed and working, don't clean it up much" to "must be show-ready" looking like it was brand new.
At this point, I can't yet duplicate the manfacturers date code stamp on the back of the case, but if there's enough interest, I will in the near future.
This won't be a cheap "paint it all black" autoparts store special, but will be fully disassembled, everything tested fully, including a scope analysis under load. Basic repairs will include new bearings in all cases. Sorry, won't take a chance on 40 year old bearings. Others parts as needed.
Costs will range from $75 on up, with shipping additional (typical cost to ship 1 alternator back to you would be roughly $15).
I can also powdercoat the pulley and fan if requested (for additional charge), otherwise they will be painted Eastwood's "clean zinc" paint.
Use my email address at the bottom of the page to contact me,
otherwise catch me on

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