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Alternator Restoration

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Attention AMC owners!
I'm offering repair and restoration services for the following:
Motorola and other alternators as used by AMC
Motorola alternator restoration includes isolation diode inspection stamp, and mfr/date code

Windshield wiper motors
These include properly re-plated mounting plate and motor frame to match original finishes

Includes new brushes, new drive, etc.

Heater/AC blower motors
(All assume you have a good core.)

Catch me on or email bill dot yawnie at gmail dot com
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Tuesday, September 11th

Pics test

Testing manually inserting a thumbnail to link to full image

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Getting there

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The layout is nearly complete, only minor tweaks to make.
In getting this far, I see many edits, corrections and updates to make.
As they say, pardon our mess as we are under construction!

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